Women Hunt Fish Camp Too

Encouraging women, to help them feel comfortable in the great outdoors


Get Involved

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Sick of what's going on around you and you want things to change?

Start with yourself. Don't expect someone else to do it. YOU are the someone else.

Get involved locally.

Go to your township board meetings, school board meetings, church board meetings, etc.

Support local neighbors and friends that are running for office. Put their signs in your yard.

Better yet, YOU run for an office position.

Volunteer to work as an election clerk.

Sign up to be ...

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Shed Hunting

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My latest article for Wide Open Spaces!!

Who Loves to go Shed Hunting??

https://www.wideopenspaces.com/how-to-start-shed-hunting/" target="_blank">http://https://www.wideopenspaces.com/how-to-start-shed-hunting/

Processing Your Own Deer

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Butchering Your Deer: 

The majority of hunters leave butchering deer up to the “experts” but we believe, that with some instruction, anyone can butcher their own deer. Butchering deer can be intimidating but after the first couple of times, it gets easier and easier. Let’s look at the proper steps to ensuring your harvested animal goes through the right process before ending up in your freezer. 

Field Preparation 

After k...

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