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What are your best tips for coyote hunting?

Posted on December 30, 2019 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Whether it is a handheld call, a mouth call or an electronic call, invest in a good one and learn how to use it before you go out hunting.

Also, invest in a good decoy. The most popular are the electronic rabbit decoys. They work well on coyotes.

Some hunters use bait to entice a coyote or two to come closer.

Make sure you wear camouflage head to toe. Check to make sure your gun or other shiny items are well covered as well.


(Please be sure to check with your state on the rules and regulations regarding these and other requirements.)


Do your homework ahead of time:

-Scouting out the different areas and looking for signs of coyotes.

-Watch lots of videos and learn what to expect when you are out in the field.

-Practice setting up your decoys and figuring out how to use them ahead of time.


Relax and have a good time. When you hear those coyotes answer you back the first time, it will send shivers up your spine, not to mention the added bonus of goosebumps.

Remember coyotes can decimate the local deer herd in no time. We need to manage them as much as possible. After all what animal hunts and kills coyotes? Not many.

The most common predators that eat coyotes include bears, cougars, wolves, mountain lions and on rare occasion, other coyotes.

That is why it is important to hunt and keep their numbers down.


"Anytime I am deer hunting and I see coyote, it now becomes coyote hunting as well" ~Dawn Freeland

So You're Going Camping

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So You’re Going Camping, where do you start?

Before you leave, there is a lot to do like list making, packing, planning and more planning.

It all starts with a want and a desire to get outside and sleep under the stars. To become closer to nature while recharging our batteries, camping helps to clear out our minds and dust off the cobwebs in our heads.

Some of the questions that need to be addressed before hand include things like; Where are we going? When are we going? What time are we going? Who is going?

Decide on what type of camping you are going to be doing, whether it is roughing it, back packing, tent, camper, trailer, pop-up, RV and oh so many more to choose from! Then do a little research on it like watching videos, reading blogs, talk to friends and/or picking the brain of the sporting goods store salesmen or better yet, hit up some social media platforms such as Women Camp Too :).

Make sure to plan accordingly in case of rain and chilly temperatures to help make the camping trip more enjoyable. This can be achieved by:

Packing extra tarps and bungee cords to hang over the tents, campfire wood, picnic table, cooking area, and anything else you would like to keep dry.

Bringing along rain gear such as coats & rubber boots and umbrellas.

Be sure to pack and keep dry, kindling, matches and even charcoal lighter fluid. This will help to aid in cooking and warmth.

Having extra blankets, sweat pants, warm hoodies, coats, and of course warm dry boots will also keep us comfortable in case the weather turns badly.

You don’t have to buy a camper, trailer, pop-up, or an RV in todays world. You can just rent one. Also, don’t forget, borrowing a tent from a friend works well too.

Careful planning usually includes making lists such as, What do you need to buy from the store? What do you need to pack? What do you need to do before you leave? Different types of camping requires different types of lists.

When you make it back home, please allow plenty of time to unpack, clean up, wash items, reorganizing for next time and more unpacking. It is always helpful to remember if it rains while packing up at the campground, to make sure you open up all soaked items to let them dry thoroughly before sending them to storage. This will help to keep items from getting mildew, mold and musky smelling.

If you are going camping with family, going with friends, or going it alone, you will always have a good time if you plan ahead!

****See examples of Check Lists below. All three can easily be modified to suit your needs.


Hunting, Fishing and Camping are my Therapy.

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Hunting, Fishing and Camping are my Therapy.

It takes away all the nuisances of the day. It filters out the garbage that I don't need in order to live a healthy, somewhat, normal life. If they weren't in my life, I often wonder where I would be. Things wouldn't fall into place and my days would be more chaotic. It transcends my spirit and makes things right with the world.

It allows me to leave behind some of the crazy parts of life and just have some stress relief.

The connection made with the earth/water and my soul cannot be matched. If everyone could just get outside a few times a week even for a half hour at a time, this world would be a better place, calmer and at a slower pace. Time seems to be slipping right through our fingertips.

Taking your child hunting, fishing or camping and teaching them there is another world/place outside of school, computers, events and video games. Teach them to slow down, take in what nature has to offer. Observe the colors, scents, sounds. Appreciate what God has given to us and to our souls.

It nourishes us in a way that nothing else can. Best of all it's cheap or even free and it has natural healing powers, not just physically but also mentally. Studies show connection with nature can help with depression, anxiety and overall good physical health. Nature calls us. It calls us to participate, to be involved. "Get back to nature" was a catch phrase a few years back and still holds true today.

This is especially true for women. So many times women think they only belong at home, work or the mall. Well there is another place that women are welcome and encouraged to be, the great outdoors. A wonderful place that all belong.So grab a friend or go it alone, but open up that door again and you may be surprised at how wonderful you feel. Calmness and serenity is what we could all use just a little more of.