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Staying Warm While Ice Fishing

Posted on November 29, 2014 at 4:55 PM

  1. Put some fuel in your stomach. Eat a warm, filling meal before you head out.
  2. Don't shower just before you leave, even though you think your hair may be dry it isn't 100% and will hold moisture. Moisture equals cool down.
  3. Wear boots a little bit too big to allow for doubled up socks and/or toe warmers.
  4. Make sure one of those pairs of socks has some wool in it. Wool means warmth and the more the better.
  5. Some folks have had good luck with heated battery powered socks and/or insoles.
  6. Back in the old days parents had you place your socked foot into an empty, clean, dry, bread bag or grocery store type plastic bag without holes to keep your feet dry if you had any leaks, and to keep the warmth in. Still holds true today. A cheap and easy fix.
  7. Bring a small piece of rug or cardboard to put your feet on while sitting or standing. This will act as a barrier between your cozy toes and the frozen ice.
  8. Wear a dry cotton layer close to your skin then a polyester blend on your torso and limbs to help trap your body heat in. Layers are key here.
  9. I found bib style hunting or snowmobile pants to be warmer than regular winter pants. If your coat rides up in the back, your heat wont escape as easily.
  10. Wear a slightly larger outer wear jacket to allow for layers.
  11. Now this one is tricky because of handling your pole you will need to adjust this idea to your situation. Wearing a thin pair of fitting gloves, then a thin rubber glove or plastic glove over top (again to trap heat ) and finally a big pair of mittens or gloves over top. Some folks don't like all the bulk so adjust it to fit how you fish and what works best for you.
  12. Having a a couple of hand warmers disposable or reusable in your pockets will add to your comfort.
  13. Wear a neck cuff or collar for added neck warm they tend to stay put a little better. A properly wrapped scarf will work as well.
  14. Snug fitting beanie knit or fleece so you are able to wear a hood over top for extra warmth.
  15. Lastly a very important piece of the puzzle is a blanket or an old sleeping bag. I have been laughed at for doing this but it has certainly added more time fishing by staying warm and stay out longer on those really bad days.

If you are lucky enough to fish in a shack with a portable heater than you are certainly going to need to adjust all of these recommendations! LOL 

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