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Church in the Woods

Posted on April 6, 2020 at 7:50 PM

Church in the Woods

I went to church in the woods this past Sunday morning.

I got there early so I could get the best seat in the house. It was the only seat in the house. Room for one, but all were welcome.

It started out with the church band playing loud thunderous sounds and it had a back up of rhythmic raindrops playing to the beat. Shortly after that chorus, a choir of birds started singing a sweet familiar melody.


The Lord spoke to my heart. He showed me all the things he made for me to enjoy. Everything from the beautiful, cloud covered, sky to the wild animals making their way through the deep darkened woods.


There was no offering plate for me to put my money in, only the Lord offering some fresh, healthy, organic meat for me to take and enjoy.


My soul was filled with love, inspiration and contentment while my eyes were flooded with tears.


Thank you Jesus for all you have provided for me and thank you for revealing yourself to me this past Sunday at church. I do believe I will be a regular attendee.

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