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Always and Pinky Promise V-Neck Tee Shirts

$16.99 $20.99

My late son Kelby's girlfriend, Kristin, is wearing new shirts inspired by Kelby, called "Always" and "Pinky Promise"

Always with an Antler Shed Heart
Pinky Promise with a Fishhook Heart

Available in Black or Pink

-Pre-Shrunk, V-neck Women's Cut

****♥ Always was something Kelby would say/text me when I said Love you or Are you being good/safe? Also it was the last text he sent me the day before he died and I got it tattooed on the back of my neck.

Kelby had been suggesting that I needed to get an ornate, v-neck shirt like so many of the other companies had been doing. I finally did it after my printer called me out of the blue one day to tell me that could do this type of printing {they didnt know I was even thinking about it}

Pinky Promise is something that Kristin and Kelby would say to each other all the time when makes plans or a date. She also has the word Promise tattooed on the inside of her pinky <3

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