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Clip-Shot - Camera Mounting System

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Clip-Shot™ is a rugged, lightweight, portable tripod substitute. Connect your camera to common objects and use the built in timer virtually anywhere. Choose the best angle and Clip-Shot™ will hold your camera steady for better photos and will allow you to be part of the picture. Perfect for hikers, bikers, campers, hunters, fisherman, skiers and others who travel individually or in groups. 

Clip-Shot™ connects to your camera's universal mounting system and will attach securely to flat items up to 1/4" thick or round objects up to 3/4" in diameter, such as: 

Tree Stand Steps, Tree Branches, ATV Mirrors, Arrow Shafts, Ski Poles, Luggage Racks Knife Blades, Tent Rods, Tool Boxes, Steel Fence Posts, and much more.

For any season, year round, when space is limited & weight is crucial, 

"Don't get left out of the picture!"

Made in Montana - Made in America!


Q. Will it work on my camera?

A. It will likely fit just fine. In general (with the exception of disposable cameras) all handheld cameras have a threaded docking port on the bottom portion of the camera body. This includes both 35mm and digital cameras. Clip-Shot™ is designed to utilize this universal thread. 

Q. What is the Clip-Shot™ made of?

A. Machined and anodized 6061T6 aluminum combined with high strength plastic. The T-knob has a stainless steel insert and the snap ring is also stainless steel. All Clip-Shot™ components were designed to be durable and corrosion resistant. 

Q. What if the plastic clip breaks?

A. The material chosen for the plastic clip is the strongest available and has UV protection. The Clip-Shot™ was designed to be very durable and should never break under normal use. However, if it does break, return the broken plastic clip with a self addressed, padded envelope and it will be replaced free of charge. The broken clip will be evaluated in an effort to maintain the highest quality.

Q. How much does a Clip-Shot™ weigh?

A. It weighs slightly more than one AA battery and will fit into a rectangular space roughly 1-3/4" by 2" by 1" deep. 

Q. Does it come in different colors?

A. If a person were to drop the Clip-Shot™ into grass or among leaves, we have found blue is a color everyone can see (even the color blind). We have not found this color to frighten or alarm any wildlife. However, we also offer Pink.

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