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Antler Soap with Antler Dust: Apple


Natural, Nourishing, Cold Hand Pressed Soap

Handmade in America

Doe Loves Apple Contains: Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape seed Oil,lard, Sodium Hydroxide, Distilled Water, Mica Colorants, Activated Charcoal, Salt, Powder Sugar, Kaolin Clay, Antler Powder Dust (it was accidentally left off the label)

5 oz Approx.

3x3x1in Approx.

Proper Care: Please keep bar soaps in a dry environment where air can circulate all sides when not in use.



These soaps may not be for everyone if you have known allergies. There may be a wide variety of soaps during the soap making process and cross contaminants may be possible. Some of them contain almond oil and others goats milk, coconut oils etc. Please read ingredients before use.


They are buy and use at your own risk.


None of the products listed are intended to evaluate, treat, diagnose or for use for any medical conditions or illness. This product has not been tested or evaluated by the FDA.

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