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It is about encouraging everybody and anybody to get out there and use what resources and abilities that they do have, to enjoy CAMPING in the great outdoors!

Brief Bio:

Dawn Freeland is a writer for several on-line newsletters and community newspapers with the focus being on the outdoors. She is active in her community and has held local government board positions. Dawn is an outdoor sportsman advocate, encouraging women to feel comfortable in the outdoors has been her main focus and goal. Mentoring other women in the outdoors has lead her to several radio shows, creating a website, Facebook and Twitter accounts and even a couple of TV segments. She is the State Representative for Miss Huntress USA 2011 and won First runner-up in over all competition, and now is the New Miss Camo Queen 2012.

I am simply trying to encourage all women to get outside and enjoy what God has given us. Mentoring & Empowering women, enabling them to feel comfortable in the outdoors (Camping, Hunting, & Fishing) is my main focus & goal. So many times women get stuck in a rut and think they cant be in the woods or on a lake and that they belong in the home, work, or mall. It is about encouraging everybody and anybody to get out there and use what resources and abilities that they do have, to enjoy CAMPING in the great outdoors! 

Outdoor Life:

I have camped through out my lifetime. I even started my boys camping as newborn/infants in tents. Fishing quit a bit as a child and into the teen years, but not as much, as an adult.I was taught that Hunting was for the men and boys. I was girl. Girls were not to do those sort of things. But I watched what they were doing and absorbed a lot. Hunting is something I picked up on as an adult, and my passion for it grows more intense every passing season.

Camping, Hunting and Fishing are great family events. It can keep the family together, grow strong bonds, and cherished memories to last a lifetime. They are also something you can do one on one or even alone and enjoy a relaxing moment.

When first time camping, expect that no matter how much you plan, something will go wrong, something will be forgotten or something will break. But you will have tons of fun doing it and just roll with it while improvising!

I cant say that I have had a best or worst camping experience but I can say that no matter what I have found something enjoyable no matter how bad the situation. The only problem I have is when they are cut too short. I always want one more day :)

I started womenhunttoo.net, womencamptoo.net andwomenfishtoo.net because I had a hard time finding things that I needed also to help other women find outdoor related items that were female friendly, and at prices we can afford. 

I also started Facebook pages & Twitter accounts to enable me to reach more Like-Minded women. A place where not only we are accepted but also respected and belong.

I don't have the fancy equipment or the best gear, I am just me.I have never camped in a brand new camper/RV/Motor home. I am just me.I simply get outside and camp which ever way I can. I am just me.I love what I do, and I do what I love and, I am just me.~♥~

Some of the best stories are written by the light of a lantern.

Want to start Prepping?
Here is a great list to get you headed in the right direction:

Storage containers.
Spare glasses.
Water jugs/bottles
Bic lighters and waterproof matches.
Can opener.
Olive oil.
Bungee cords.
String. Yarn.
Sewing kit.
Batteries, all sizes.
Solar chargers.
Jumper cables.
Tin foil (for hats!).
Water filter.
Zip lock bags.
Trash bags.
Grocery bags.
Manual clock/watch.
Sleeping bags.
Toilet Paper.
Paper plates.
Reference books.
Winter gloves.
Rubber gloves.
Boric acid.
Manual lawn tools.
Garden tools.
Writing utensils.
Baking soda.
Canned meats.
Powdered vegetables.
Bug spray.
Medical Kit.
Flash lights.
Cast Iron pans.

Where do you start first?

Staying Warm While Winter Hiking

Put some fuel in your stomach. Eat a warm, filling meal before you head out.

Don't shower just before you leave, even though you think your hair may be dry it isn't 100% and will hold moisture. Moisture equals cool down.

Wear boots a little bit too big to allow for doubled up socks and/or toe warmers.

Make sure one of those pairs of socks has some wool in it. Wool means warmth and the more the better. 

Some folks have had good luck with heated battery powered socks and/or insoles.

Back in the old days parents had you place your socked foot into an empty, clean, dry, bread bag or grocery store type plastic bag without holes to keep your feet dry if you had any leaks, and to keep the warmth in. Still holds true today. A cheap and easy fix.

Wear a dry cotton layer close to your skin then a polyester blend on your torso and limbs to help trap your body heat in. Layers are key here.

I found bib style hunting or snowmobile pants to be warmer than regular winter pants. If your coat rides up in the back, your heat wont escape as easily. 

Wear a slightly larger outer wear jacket to allow for layers. 

Now you will need to adjust this idea to your situation. Wearing a thin pair of fitting gloves, then a thin rubber glove or plastic glove over top (again to trap heat) and finally a big pair of mittens or gloves over top. Some folks don't like all the bulk so adjust it to fit what works best for you. 

Having a a couple of hand warmers disposable or reusable in your pockets will add to your comfort.

Wear a neck cuff or collar for added neck warm they tend to stay put a little better. A properly wrapped scarf will work as well.

Snug fitting beanie knit or fleece so you are able to wear a hood over top for extra warmth.


Camping is like a rejuvenating mini vacation for my mind, body and soul. It feeds that part of me that is often hungry and lacking.

My senses take in everything from the fresh earthy smells, tasty campfire cooking, seeing and touching the wonders of nature, and hearing even the slightest song from a bird on a far off branch.

It can bring families back together, or strengthen ones own being.

Challenges encountered can be at different, varying, degrees each time you head into the woods. Being prepared for those challenges is the best way to ensure, you will have a great time.

Whether you are a camper in the true sense of the word or not, whether you enjoy your time in the woods or not, you will agree that camping can be a very memorable experience. 

"I don't have the fancy equipment or the best gear, I am just me.

I have never camped in a brand new RV/Motor Home. I am just me.

I simply get outside and camp whichever way I can. I am just me.

I love what I do, and I do what I love, and I am just me."



Every trip carefully planned to get the most out of each day. Mini van precisely loaded with gear and kids like a giant tetras game board; silly sing along songs, along with the occasional are we there yet and he’s touching me complaints followed by  mandatory movie/quiet time. All leading up to that moment when our final destination is reached-kids piling out of the van as they scatter in every direction off to explore or to get out of unloading. The smell of the campfire after a few creative log stacking attempts (presentation is important, right?) along with the first meal cooked over the fire, giving me a sense of awe of what can be accomplished without that fancy microwave I just couldn’t make room for.

As night rolls in and everyone is all tucked in their sleeping bags, quickly wearing out their $1 flashlights along with the $1000 in batteries I spent, I lay here in my own tent, listening to the soothing sounds of the light breeze, along with the occasional rustle of critters outside, deviously smiling at those pesky raccoons that can’t get past all the heavy stuff I stacked on the coolers. Then a dark thought passes through my mind that maybe it aint no cute little raccoon after all but a deranged bear! Suddenly I hear the coyotes howling from far away and I wrap my sleeping bag around me even tighter wondering how long till my little ones come storming in. While waiting for them, I try to remember if I checked the corners for spiders. Once last check with my $80 maglite (not taking any chances) I am satisfied there are no spiders, and as I lay there in the darkness I can’t but help but wonder what possessed me to want to sleep outdoors in the first place.

 When morning rolls in, I am greeted by a glorious sunrise, birds singing and the kids asking for their campfire blueberry pancakes. The day is a whole new adventure, and in the back of my mind I am already planning our next big camping trip.

~~Prostaff Teresa Esckelson

Do you know which prints are safe & which ones are harmful?

Bird Watching with Binoculars

Take a bird book with you while camping or hiking. Mark the birds you see with a small dot and the number 1. When you get home start a book of your own. Write the number 1, the date, the location, and if you took photos put those in as well. It will be fun to see how many birds you can locate on your journeys! Below are two great books to use!

Helpful Tips!

Tip: Take the map you are given of the campground or park and before you depart tour the sites and mark the ones that are good looking for your family and camping gear. You can also draw a sun for open or no sun for covered area. Helps for future reservations! You can also take photos and compile your own review book once you get home! Prostaff Stacey

There are signs everywhere at the state parks and other campgrounds! Always obey the signs for your safety and the safety of the wildlife!

Tip:  Take a bottle of hand sanitizer with you to start fires. Put a small dab on a plate and light it on fire, set under your kindling teepee. Flame will be extremely hot extremely fast. I usually use a paper plate we used at lunch. Put about a nickel size on the plate. Light the plate near the sanitizer and away ya go.... as always be safe! ~ProStaff Stacey

What season do you prefer camping?

Survival Kit

  • Water Proof Matches
  • Hand Sanitizer to start fires
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Emergency poncho
  • Foil Emergency Blanket
  • Small tarp
  • Paracord Bracelets
  • Emergency survival whistle
  • Signal Mirror
  • Compass
  • Emergency candle
  • Small can of bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Disposable gloves – avoid contact with blood
  • 1 small and 1 large Elastic bandage – Secure dressing, splints, or wrapping sprains
  • Adhesive strips (bandaids) – Minor cut and abrasions
  • 4 butterfly band aids – Minor cuts and abrasions
  • 3 knee and elbow band aids – for larger scraps
  • 5 - 3''x 3'' or 4" x 4" sterile pads – larger wounds and pressure dressing.
  • 4 alcohol preps - Sterilization
  • Soap
  • Insect sting relief spray or wipes
  • Anti-itch cream
  • After burn relief - Aloe
  • Neosporin – antibiotic for cuts and abrasions
  • Safety pins
  • Tweezers – Removing splinters or cactus spines
  • Small Scissors – cut dressings. May be in scout knife.
  • 1 mole skin patch – Prevent blisters
  • Roll of adhesive tape
  • Motrin
  • Tums
  • Chapstick
  • Energy food (jerky, candy bar, M&M's)

Emergency First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

  • personal medication
  • bandages
  • aspirin, Tylenol
  • medical tape
  • sterile gauze
  • elastic wrap
  • antibiotic wipes
  • antiseptic cream
  • burn ointment
  • sunburn lotion
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • eye wash
  • sanitary napkins
  • snake bite kit
  • epipen
  • 911 thermal blanket