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Genesis 1:26 - And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Just an average angler doing what she loves, sharing the spirit with others. 
You don't have to have the best stuff and go on the most expensive fishing trips, you just have to do the best you can with what you have available to you.
If you want it, you will make it happen, if you don't you will make excuses!! 

Staying Warm While Ice Fishing

  1. Put some fuel in your stomach. Eat a warm, filling meal before you head out.
  2. Don't shower just before you leave, even though you think your hair may be dry it isn't 100% and will hold moisture. Moisture equals cool down.
  3. Wear boots a little bit too big to allow for doubled up socks and/or toe warmers.
  4. Make sure one of those pairs of socks has some wool in it. Wool means warmth and the more the better. 
  5. Some folks have had good luck with heated battery powered socks and/or insoles.
  6. Back in the old days parents had you place your socked foot into an empty, clean, dry, bread bag or grocery store type plastic bag without holes to keep your feet dry if you had any leaks, and to keep the warmth in. Still holds true today. A cheap and easy fix.
  7. Bring a small piece of rug or cardboard to put your feet on while sitting or standing. This will act as a barrier between your cozy toes and the frozen ice.
  8. Wear a dry cotton layer close to your skin then a polyester blend on your torso and limbs to help trap your body heat in. Layers are key here.
  9. I found bib style hunting or snowmobile pants to be warmer than regular winter pants. If your coat rides up in the back, your heat wont escape as easily. 
  10. Wear a slightly larger outer wear jacket to allow for layers. 
  11. Now this one is tricky because of handling your pole you will need to adjust this idea to your situation. Wearing a thin pair of fitting gloves, then a thin rubber glove or plastic glove over top (again to trap heat ) and finally a big pair of mittens or gloves over top. Some folks don't like all the bulk so adjust it to fit how you fish and what works best for you. 
  12. Having a a couple of hand warmers disposable or reusable in your pockets will add to your comfort.
  13. Wear a neck cuff or collar for added neck warm they tend to stay put a little better. A properly wrapped scarf will work as well.
  14. Snug fitting beanie knit or fleece so you are able to wear a hood over top for extra warmth.
  15. Lastly a very important piece of the puzzle is a blanket or an old sleeping bag. I have been laughed at for doing this but it has certainly added more time fishing by staying warm and stay out longer on those really bad days.
If you are lucky enough to fish in a shack with a portable heater than you are certainly going to need to adjust all of these recommendations! LOL 

WFT Frying Pan Recipes:

For Perch and Walleye:

"Daddy's Fish"

Needs:  1 set tongs

1 large cast iron skillet

1 jug canola oil



Salt & Pepper


First and foremost.. scale, debone & rinse the fish. Set on ice or in fridge. Turn stove on and fill pan 3/4 way full of oil and heat until around 300 degrees. We pinch a lil flour and drop it in the oil and if it sizzles good .. we're ready to cook. In 1 bowl mix flour and cornmeal 1:1 (enough to cover your fillets). Put rinsed fish fillets in bowl and cover. Shake vigorously until all fillets are completely covered. Pull fillets out and put in pan to fry. Fish are done when fillets float on the top of the oil. Remove from pan and place on cooling rack or plate covered with papertowel to soak any excess oil. If you plan on cooking fish again soon let oil cool and put in sealed container in fridge. Will last 2 days. Batter is still good, dump into plastic ziplock and place in freezer. Don't forget to date the bag. ~ProStaff Stacey


It can cleanse you, brings recreation, hydrates you, or it can even kill you.  One of the best parts about water is what lives within it, mainly fish. Fishing is something that comes from the water whether it is in the summer or winter. Ice fishing I find, is a sport that only die hard fishermen enjoy.  Fresh fish anytime of year is satisfying and you can only get it from one source, the water. Fish need it for its very survival, without it they will not live, grow or reproduce and for the most part, I believe I am part fish. 

There is something about water that renews me and makes me whole again.  Whether it is sitting in it with my lawn chair at the beach, swimming and playing in it with my children, floating down the river in a tube with some great friends, or throwing rocks in it to try to skip a few from the shore.

Water can wash away all the problems of the day, the week, the month and put things in a different light giving you a completely different perspective. That is why bubble baths, hot tub and Jacuzzis are so popular and used for physical therapy in many rehabilitations and sometimes babies are born in it.

Washing my hair in lake water is a special treat to me. It leaves my hair smelling of the lake for the rest of the day, which is very soothing and pleasant. Floating aimlessly in the middle of a lake just off a raft or dock makes me feel weightless and light.When I have an extended lunch I enjoy finding a near by river or lake and having my own private picnic. Just looking over the river and watching it carry-on-by, seems to extract all of the negatives of the day and leaves me feeling relaxed and distressed. 

When I am in a uncomfortable situation like the dentist, doctor, or a boring meeting I try to find a happy thought and usually it takes me back to a little quiet beach on Lake Huron or the family cabin in White Cloud that has a private lake.

Water is vital for my survival…it is my therapy…it understands me and knows me like no other. The human being is made up almost entirely of water and God put the connection of water and humans together for a reason. 

Fresh, salt or brackish does not seem to matter, water is water and it will be enjoyed, appreciated and of course respected till the end of time.

You never really grow out of it!  

“There is no Rushing a River...…When you go there you go at the pace of the water.And that pace ties you into a flow that is older than life on this planet. Acceptance of that pace, even for a day, changes us. Reminds us of other rhythms, Beyond the sound of our own heartbeat.” By Jeff Rennicke

What do you use to catch the lunkers?

Live Bait, Spinnerbait, Float, Deep Diver, Rattle Trap, Corn

Night or Day? Open or Ice?

Know your fish! Check out our charts below!

http://www.animatedknots.com/indexfishing.php  Great site to learn how to tie knots!