Women Hunt Fish Camp Too

Encouraging women, to help them feel comfortable in the great outdoors

In Memory of your loved ones & ours, we burn a candle.

Please Please Please do me a few favors???

1. Tomorrow tell your child/children you love them.

2. Tomorrow tell your child/children how proud your are to be their parent...and really mean it by giving them a couple of examples of something they have done or the kind of person they are.

3. Tonight Pray for your child/children, down on your knees.

****If you throw in a kiss and a hug that would be so awesome.

Thank you <3 

We pray for Owner, Dawn Freeland & her family for the loss of their oldest son in Oct 2012. We miss you Kelby, always!

In Loving Memory of 

Kelby Hunter Freeland

Do you or someone you know grieve the loss of a child?

Please along this group to them. It is set to closed so no one can see the postings and it remains private.
We are small but we are supportive.

Just Click Here to be added to the group:

Dawn's Dad died in car accident when she was 11 yrs old.

In Memory of my sister-in-law Lori, My godfather Nick, and my Gpa John.  ~ProStaff Stacey

In loving memory of my 2 grandpas! ~Jessica Kitscha

We always pray for: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, POW MIA, Veterans, and serving military. Forever in our hearts!

We pray for our lost brothers & sisters and those who have already gone Home!