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Encouraging women, to help them feel comfortable in the great outdoors

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Encouraging, mentoring & empowering women to help them feel comfortable in the great outdoors.
We belong more places besides work, home or the mall. We belong in the outdoors as well and it welcomes us.

I started out as a radio talk show host on a show called "Shooting It Straight" on Saturdays in September of 2010. The show talked about guns, pistols, cpl's, hunting and shooting.

Since then I have done well over 40 radio interviews, guest hosts and several appearances on local TV shows for news programs and special hunting events. However, writing blogs about my outdoors experiences are still on the top of my list as well.

During that time I began the Women Hunt Too Facebook page from scratch and have grown it to over 357k fans 100% organically. Since then I have also started Women Fish Too and Women Camp Too with a combined total of the three social media platforms of over half million fans, all by just sharing my love of outdoor sports.

2023 Women Hunt Too Stats:

Facebook: Women Hunt Too
372. K Fans
6.8 Mil Post Reach 
85% Women
25 - 44 years old
Instagram: Women Hunt Too
22.1 k Followers
91% Women 
25 - 44 years old
93% U.S. 
Twitter: Women Hunt Too
5.6 K Followers
14.4 k Impressions 

2023 Women Fish Too Stats:

Facebook: Women Fish Too
98.5 K Fans 
1.8 Mil Post Reach
75% Women 
25 - 44 years old 
Instagram: Women Fish Too
2.2 K Followers 
81% Women
25 - 44 years old
90% U.S.
Twitter: Women Fish Too
2.45 K Followers
4.1 K Impressions

2023 Women Camp  Too Stats:

Facebook: Women Camp Too
38.5 K Fans
1.25 mil Post Reach
75% Women
25 - 44 years old
Instagram: Women Camp Too
72% Women
25 - 44 years old
81% U.S.
Twitter: Women Camp Too
 1.35 K Followers
4.8 K Impressions

Media Rate and Payment information for Women Camp Too

For more information regarding Social Media Influencer rates & terms, please contact:

Dawn Freeland
Box #3 
Bailey, MI 49303

Just a few of the companies I have worked with in the past:
-Henry Repeating Arms
-Habit Outdoors
-The Lodge Winery
-Panther Vision
-Gathering Lake Outfitters
-Tom's Black Bear Guide Service
-Black Oil Mouthwash

"Being a successful hunter isn't measured by the quantity of animals that you have harvested, it's the feeling in your soul that you receive for having another chance to experience the amazing outdoors". ~Dawn Freeland of Women Hunt Too