Women Hunt, Fish, Camp Too

Encouraging women, to help them feel comfortable in the great outdoors

Hunt with  Hidden Horns Game Ranch in Howard City, MI 49329 on October 22/23rd weekend

(I have pig hunted there the last couple of years and I had a blast!!
Yes, it is high fence.
Instead of buying a pig at our local livestock auction and trucking it to the slaughter house and having them shoot the pig, I did it myself!)
There is a limited number of spaces so please call soon!

If you have any other questions or want to make reservations, Please call Brent at 616-799-0689 tell him I sent you!

Here is the information on the types of animals you can hunt along with pricing and lodging.

Welcome to Women Hunt Too! The Original in the Women Too series of sites! We hope to spread the word that women do belong in the woods as well as everywhere else in the outdoors! The Women Too Series was started by none other than Dawn Freeland herself!

Dawn hold's titles such as: Lead Advocate for Women Outdoors in her home state of Michigan, Queens of Camo 2013, Miss Camo Queen 2012, Miss Huntress USA 2011, not to mention being featured in several on-line Hunting and Fishing monthly spotlights.

Hand picked by Dawn, we're proud to be called her ProStaff and welcome you to our home away from home! Please get involved in advocating for the Women in your area and spread the word that :




We're everywhere! And we're just as capable if not more then the average sportsmen! You will see links and photos of many women that provide for their family side by side with and without their spouse!

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