Women Hunt Fish Camp Too

Women Hunt Fish Camp Too

Encouraging women, to help them feel comfortable in the great outdoors

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Now then, get your equipment--your quiver and bow--and go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me.
~Genesis 27:3 NIV

Pro God, Pro Life, Pro Rod, Pro Gun, Pro Vote, Pro Work, Pro USA! 

Dawn Freeland Owner/Operator



***Bio and Photos must be emailed by Midnight Monday, Dec. 30th.
Do you love to hunt, fish and camp in the great outdoors? Do you love to help/encourage other women to get outside? Do you like to get Women Hunt Fish Camp Too stuff free or at cost? Would you like to participate in contests to win hunting/fishing/camping trips or prizes? Do you have 2 photos of yourself with different animals that you have killed and at least 2 photos of yourself fishing and camping? Can you write in approx. 200 words WHY you want to be ProStaff along with a brief bio of your outdoor life? Are you from the USA? Do you have a sense of HUMOR? If you answered yes to all of these, then just keep on reading! If you are not offended by the statement "Pro God, Pro Life, Pro Rod, Pro Gun, Pro Vote, Pro Work, Pro AMERICA then keep on reading! (Please keep in mind you do not have to agree with all, it's more of a heads up of some of my postings)
Just thought I'd take the time to clarify. The word PRO-STAFF is misunderstood by many. ProStaff is not a staff (Work for a company) paid position. The Pro in Prostaff does not stand for Professional, however, it does mean Promotional Staff (PROMOTE) helping to advertise for the company in exchange for discounts and free products for example. Promoting on social media for the most part but also in public, day to day tasks, etc, while representing the company in a professional- like manner.
To apply:
-Please submit approx. 200 words, why you want to be ProStaff, along with a brief bio of your outdoor life, 2 photos of yourself with different animals that you have killed and at least 2 photos of yourself fishing and camping. Yes, you must be in the photos. (Please disclose if you are Prostaff for another company or employed by a competitor) Send all info to womenhunttoo@hotmail.com . Bio and Photos must be emailed by Midnight Dec. 30th.
If Chosen, the requirements will be:
-You are required to post something about www.womenhunttoo.com on your own Facebook profile at least once a week. This IS required. The main goal of having prostaff is it to lead people to the website & to encourage women to get outdoors. The website is the product that you are promoting.
-To read all postings in the ProStaff group that I will add you to.
-I will make you an admin on all three fan pages at www.facebook.com/WomenHuntToo www.facebook.com/WomenFishToo and www.facebook.com/WomenCampToo . You will be required to help admin. the pages and post something at least once a week on all three pages. At the end of the post, you must add ~~ProStaff (then your first name). You are not allowed to ask the fans to like another page or to purchase anything from anyone else other than the www.womenhunttoo.com website, unless I give special permission. When in doubt about what to post, just ask me. Feel free to post links to articles, photos, cartoons, jokes, recipes, anything of interest in the outdoor world.
-Your ProStaff status will be reviewed every 6 mos. unless, I find it necessary to review sooner.
-Michigan resident applicants will take priority and will be "required" to help out 2 days per year at any scheduled Expos/Shows of their choice .
-When you are hunting, fishing and camping please post photos and videos wearing any of the Women Hunt Fish Camp Too gear.
In return, you will receive:
-A Women Hunt or Fish or Camp Too tee shirt & decal & something extra as part of the Welcome package.
-After a 60 day review, you will be able to purchase any items that I sell directly, at a big discount. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, no problem.
-I post contests just for the prostaff and you can win hunts, fishing and camping trips and/or prizes!
-I post contests for the public and most of the time the prostaff can enter as well (I will specify if it is not open for the prostaff)
-Reference if needed, for other jobs or positions or prostaff teams
-A little something at Christmas time
-Be part of an awesome group of women that truly know what the meaning of being an outdoor woman is all about and to encourage each other in our endeavors!

Welcome to Women Hunt Too! The Original in the Women Too series of sites! We hope to spread the word that women do belong in the woods as well as everywhere else in the outdoors! The Women Too Series was started by none other than Dawn Freeland herself!

Dawn hold's titles such as: Lead Advocate for Women Outdoors in her home state of Michigan, Queens of Camo 2013, Miss Camo Queen 2012, Miss Huntress USA 2011, not to mention being featured in several on-line Hunting and Fishing monthly spotlights.

Hand picked by Dawn, we're proud to be called her ProStaff and welcome you to our home away from home! Please get involved in advocating for the Women in your area and spread the word that :




We're everywhere! And we're just as capable if not more then the average sportsmen! You will see links and photos of many women that provide for their family side by side with and without their spouse!

Please stop by our webstore above and make sure you get the gear you need to show your support and as always BE SAFE!

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